Bihari Indian Restaurant

History of the Bihari Indian Restaurant in Cape Town

London born Donna Ross, through her passion for Indian food, was the originator of the Bihari concept.

When the vacancy of a venue big enough for Ross to fulfil her dream finally became available in 2007 she didn't hesitate. Speaking to friends and family who supported her vision to create a unique fine Indian dining restaurant her dream finally become a reality. Ross's own vibrant energy is evident in her attention to the intricate detail, design and decor not to mention the specially prepared menu and the necessity to source only the best North Indian Chefs to provide that cuisine authenticity - wanting to give her patrons the best experience.

Understanding that relationships are key to success it soon became very important for Donna to be hands on and from the opening in August 2007 Donna was there to meet and greet the people eating in the restaurant. She observed their reactions and became familiar with regulars offering complimentary samples of food to those uneducated in Indian cuisine and selections of valley wines to enhance their dining experience with the knowledge that "word of mouth" marketing is truly the best way to build loyalty amongst patrons - a testament to Bihari's success and 1st Anniversary celebrations - further believing that Indian food has a unique taste, colour, texture, appearance and aroma that appeals to the discerning diner and more importantly, good Indian food can make the difference between a mediocre and an excellent meal.

The new Bihari Newlands flagship is located at Southern Sun Newlands.

Says Ross; "I make the extra effort because I want my guests to receive a personal service they wouldn't expect to find anywhere else in Cape Town. With 2010 around the corner and the current hype around Cape Town in the service and hospitality sector gearing itself for an influx of visitors and international travellers, it's good to see that high standards of service are being set by restaurant owners and managers. Maintaining these levels of service is what will set Cape Town apart from other leisure destinations around the world!"