Bihari Indian Restaurant

Bihari Indian Restaurant in Cape Town - Authentic North Indian food

Experience the finest Indian cuisine as north meets south in a fiery fusion of exotic and mouth watering North Indian dishes at Bihari Indian Restaurant in Cape Town.

South Africa is a melting pot for its many cultures and the Cape Town Bihari Restaurant bear testimony to the magical experience of Indian dining amongst the mother city's diverse locals.

"Indian food has a unique taste, colour, texture, appearance and aroma that appeals to the discerning diner. More importantly, good Indian food can make the difference between a mediocre and an excellent meal. With our qualified chefs who hail from North India, Bihari ensures that you will have an authentic Indian gourmet experience".

Upon arrival one can't but help breathe in the feeling of satisfaction and success that Bihari emulates. Large authentic wooden doors, hues of gold and red, wrought iron lanterns, plush seating and comfortable intimate spaces all add to the ambience and authenticity of Bihari restaurant in Cape Town.

Bihari is the place to be. Tantalising. Addictive. Indian cuisine never tasted better.

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Bihari Indian food
Bihari Indian food
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